Do you know that, as an international civil servant of Swiss nationality, you can freely choose to join the Social security system (AVS) and the unemployment insurance or only the unemployment insurance?

International civil servants of Swiss nationality, to the extent that are covered by insurance plans through the international organisation, are not required to participate in old age pension and surviving depen§dants’ insurance (AVS), disability insurance (AI), allowance for loss of earnings (APG) or unemployment insurance (AC).

You may, however, chose to be covered by AVS, AI, APG, AC on a voluntary basis, or merely by AC. To do so you must submit a request to this effect to the compensation fund of the canton of residence (see details below) within three months of accepting the insurance coverage offered by your organisation.
Those insured for AVS, AI, APG, AC may cancel the AVS, AI, APG and maintain only the AC if preferred. The cancellation is valid for the entire duration of the employment with the organisation.

Florian Stauffer
HR Business Partner

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