Corporate Charter

We are a reliable, respectful and dynamic partner that offers innovative solutions. Our team provides custom multilingual consultancy services in accounting, management, taxation and human resources, . We accompany our clients in every situation and in harmony with our values.

Our Values



The members of Uzunov Consulting work in a common objective, which is to satisfy the stakeholders, in full


To join the various professional and personal skills of the members in order to exceed the objectives


Treat each partner with consideration and respect, promoting active listening and a serene climate


Looking for the best ways to achieve excellence


Ensure the use of impeccable data and respect for confidentiality and personality


Be prepared to pass on the know-how of excellence on a daily basis in all situations


Communicate all the necessary and timely information to its partners

Zero paper

Develop methods and processes to constantly limit the use of paper, or even remove it completely

Our philosophy

“Listen, Apply, Innovate”


Being totally available, we actively listen to understand the needs and objectives of our partners.


We enforce laws and regulations with seriousness, proximity and transparency.


With a goal of continuous improvement, we strive to innovate both at the level of the technologies used and at the level of the processes.

Key objectives

Uzunov Consulting members are constantly working on improving the customer experience and developing internal processes to ensure a service that is always irreproachable.